Trying Things Out: Consider Separation Before Divorce

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Marriage can be stressful. Sometimes, it can be too much and you have to get away. For those on the verge of divorce, the decision to take that final step can be difficult. Sometimes, it is not even possible because of financial and other reasons. This is where separation agreements come in. It feels like a divorce, but without making the last choice. You might even be able to step back from the brink.

If you seriously think that you need some time away, then a separation might be the solution to your problem. Here are some tips on how to get a good separation that should benefit you and your partner:

Make the Decision Together

One of the big things you will need to do is to sit down with your partner and discuss the state of your marriage. You will want to ensure that you and they are on the same page. Separation agreements are usually the prelude to an amicable divorce, which would be beneficial for you and your partner. This also helps when it comes to deciding on the various details of the agreement.

Get a Lawyer


When you and your partner have made a decision, you will need to get a lawyer for advice on the separation agreement. You can even hire one to help draft the agreement, which is the optimal choice. Choose a lawyer who is familiar with the local family laws so that you can take the right course of action. Different states can have different laws. For example, if you are seeking a separation in Long Island, then an experienced divorce lawyer in Suffolk County or nearby areas would be able to help.

Iron Out the Details

The main argument for separation agreements is that they can resolve the many financial and civil arrangements that come with separations. This can range from who pays the bills and who keeps the children, to who stays in the family home, and more. Having all these written down makes it easier when it comes to the actual divorce. It can also eliminate your financial worries when you are not living with each other anymore.

Stay in Contact

A separation agreement does not mean a divorce is really on the horizon. It is possible that you can work things out but it does give you some space. You may still want to try to resolve your marriage issues, so you and your partner still need to stay in contact. Don’t disappear and try to be as polite as possible in your dealings with them. You should even go to a marriage counselor to try and iron things out. The separation can allow the emotions that led to it to cool down a bit, so you can be more rational in your decisions.

Having a proper separation agreement can ease many worries. But you should not be relaxing yet. A separation agreement is a stop-gap measure and you still need to decide on your marriage. The tips above should ensure that your separation is as worry-free as possible so that you can focus on deciding whether to continue your marriage or not.

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