About Us

The legal industry is ever-changing, and it is evident that technology has played a major role in this continuous advancement. Legal experts and lawyers are creating new ways to redefine the most important facets of how they practice law.

Phoenix Law was founded because of this evolution, with the goal of developing a better way for legal experts and lawyers nurture their law practice and for the laymen to understand all the legal jargons.

Phoenix Law is a place for an online community of small firm attorneys in the world. We aim to help these attorneys in managing and developing successful practices.

Phoenix Law started out as a small blog, born from the search for smarter technological tools for better law practice. As a small online community began to come together in the comments section, it became a great venue online to search for innovative concepts or ideas that cater to solo and small law firms. In a span of two years, the blog was renamed to Phoenix Law and writers and legal experts were invited to contribute in helping cover other law practice subjects.

Through these years, Phoenix Law has continued to foster a growing online community of solo and small-firm lawyers. Phoenix Law has grown rapidly, and a lot of writers and contributors have been published on the front page.

With the belief that everyone deserves easy to understand and affordable access to legal services and information, Phoenix Law helps its users identify different ways the Law can make life better. We provide simple tips about sensible legal topics and advice on how to manage legal issues.

Today, hundreds of people visit Phoenix Law every day, and is now home to one of the biggest online communities of small-firm lawyers in the world.

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