Documents You Will Need for an Adoption Home Study

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Most families nowadays are opting for adoption when they want to add kids to their setups. The increase in child adoption rates is, no doubt, heartwarming. It has been influenced by the desire of most couples not to have biological children, open their doors to a non-biological child, or the inability of some couples to have kids. People assume that governments would be more than willing and accommodating of families who choose to adopt. Even so, there are stringent adoption rules in place to guarantee a child’s wellbeing.

Santa Fe-based divorce attorneys are not just an option when separating. They will also prove handy for your adoption process since they handle all aspects of family law. Using a lawyer will help you cut through most of the red tape in adoption to have your child home in no time. One thing most people dread is a home study. This is often the first thing when considering your application to guarantee your home is healthy for a child’s upbringing. Here are the documents you will need for a home study.

Criminal Background Clearances

States will need you to be cleared of criminal charges in your respective adoption state. While a few will only need authorization at the state level, some also require one from the federal level. The primary crimes checked in adoption are those against children like neglect and abuse. The processes for getting clearance from your respective state are different. Thankfully, an attorney is well-versed with this process and will ease it for you.

Health Statements

The physical health of your family members will no doubt impact the home environment you have. Most states will thus require health statements of all your family members, along with a completed form of your lifestyle habits like smoking. Nowadays, states will also need a mental health statement. If, for instance, any of you has suffered a mental disorder, a psychologist should clear you as safe to have kids around and capable of handling them.

Financial Statements

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You might be required to provide your income statements, tax returns, and pay stubs during the home study. This is to prove that you are financially able to take care of a child. It does not mean that you should be wealthy to get child adoption approval. You only have to show that you can afford to meet the child’s basic needs.


These are much like the ones you include in your job application. You will need references who can vouch for your capability to take care of children from your friends, community leaders, and other relevant individuals. In most cases, family members do not suffice as references since they might be biased.

With the above documents in place, you are now ready for a home study interview and inspection. During an inspection, a social worker ascertains that your home is child-friendly. If you do not have specific measures in place for a child-friendly environment, this does not disqualify you. The social worker will list the things you should incorporate before the follow-up visit for a child-friendly environment.

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