Step-by-step Guide to Appeals

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visa approvedVisa applications can be complex administrative tasks that people often need to complete under difficult circumstances. It is good to know that, even if an application is turned down, there is still potential for success in the long run through the appeals process.

Many people find it useful to engage an immigration solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors. This is because the law surrounding visa applications changes frequently and can be tricky to navigate. The right professional assistance can mean that an initial application is successful, or it can help someone access the appeals process appropriately.

Legislation and precedent

An immigration solicitor in London has access to all the latest legislation and the skills to put it to use alongside existing precedents. Some law is black and white but there are also grey areas that, with the right knowledge, allow people to make a potentially successful case even after they have been refused already.

Types of appeal

There are different types of appeal. Choosing the right one may be vital to success. Often, the letter that a client receives refusing their visa will detail the type of appeal that they can go for. For example, they may be told that they can make an administrative appeal which is where the decision is challenged on the basis of a technicality. An immigration solicitor in London will be able to let their clients know what kind of appeal is appropriate.

What happens when someone wins an appeal?

If someone wins an appeal, they may be eligible to have their entire application looked at again. Winning an appeal does not necessarily mean that a visa has been granted, only that the original refusal has been overturned. Someone can also reclaim any fees they have paid for appeal if their claim is upheld.

What happens if someone loses an appeal?

Losing an appeal does not necessarily mean the end of the process. If someone still believes that their application should have been accepted after reading a decision, they can ask for permission to apply to the Upper Tribunal on several grounds. They can engage the services of an immigration solicitor in London for this.

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