Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

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Lawyer reviewing a paperYou may think that you can handle your small business on your own. Consulting with commercial lawyers in Townsville may not even occur to you. However, small businesses have to follow the law just like big corporations. You can easily run into legal issues that can close down your business if you are not careful. Here are some common scenarios with legal consequences.

Starting a business

You probably know you have to get a business permit and license when you start a business. It seems simple enough to go to the local council and get a checklist of requirements. However, the types of permits and licenses you need will depend on the nature of your business.

While the council may help you with the general requirements for a business, they may not give you all the information you need. Some issues you might encounter may involve zoning laws or taxes. You should have a commercial lawyer go over the requirements with you so you do not miss anything.

Expanding a business

You can also encounter legal issues if your small business grows too fast. You might have to hire more people. This may change your classification from a small business to medium-sized business. Different business, finance, and tax laws apply to each classification. You might need bigger premises, which means you may have to break your current lease contract. A commercial lawyer can help you manage your growth and avoid legal pitfalls.

Protecting a business

A logo or trademark is an important part of your business identity. You want to make sure no one else uses it. This also applies to patents and any intellectual property you may have. You need to apply to the proper agency for protection. It is not a simple matter, though. Intellectual property rights are complicated. You need a lawyer to help you with your applications.

Commercial lawyers are essential to your small business. Getting the right legal advice when you need it makes it worth the cost of retaining one. They can help you avoid common legal problems and protect your business.

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