Is Mediation the Best Way to Resolve Marital Conflicts?

Couple talking to a consultant
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Couple talking to a consultant

Is mediation the best way to resolve the difficulties you and your spouse are experiencing? You can go straight to court, and mediation is not a prerequisite for the petition for divorce. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial for both parties to consider the option with the help of their divorce lawyers in Nassau County.

Resolving disputes efficiently

Court proceedings can be lengthy. Divorce can be costly and time-consuming. If there is a way to reach an agreement with your spouse without having to take your issues to court, would you be willing to try it out?

Financial arguments, child custody arrangements and other pertinent matters can be discussed during mediation, which is not a legal proceeding.

A platform to discuss matters of importance

People often associate mediation with two parties that are already in some sort of agreement. This is not necessarily the case. Even when you and your spouse cannot seem to agree on anything, you can still go for mediation if both are willing to use the platform.

When both parties think that mediation is a sensible and relevant process, then it is worth trying out. If you believe mediation is a good choice for your family, then you can proceed with high hopes and great expectations.

It is necessary to stress that mediation works as a platform to discuss issues in the family if both parties are willing to work together. Mediation will fail if one or both parties do not participate actively in the meetings.

If both you and your partner do not become involved with a spirit of cooperation, then mediation may not be the best method to resolve conflict.

Beneficial to the whole family

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Compared to a formal divorce hearing, mediation takes less time and is less costly. Families in schism find themselves working amiably and cooperatively for the benefit of the children. Couples who have been living together an atmosphere of tension and fragmentation find common ground, and enough reason to resolve their issues amicably.

Mediation facilitates couples in making good decisions for the family. Mediation is worth trying out if you don’t want your difficulties to escalate; if your goal is to settle your differences as soon as possible.

The rules of engagement

Before two parties can proceed with mediation, a written agreement must be put down on paper and approved. Two of the most important aspects of the agreement are costing and confidentiality. The stipulations are quite flexible, and can be revised, but make sure the final draft considers your needs and preferences.

Typically the proceedings are informal, but the mediators are expected to follow formal evidence rules when the matter arises.

Finding a mediator

An effective and impartial divorce mediator can help you and your spouse in negotiations so that you can agree on a settlement that is best for your family. You can achieve favorable results that benefits all with the right guidance. An experienced mediator would know how to safeguard your interests.

In divorce mediation, you cannot be forced into something you are not comfortable with, or that would put you at a disadvantage. Are you prepared to take advantage of the benefits of divorce mediation?

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