Don’t Let These Understated Issues Ruin Your Marriage

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Arguing coupleWhat would be your reaction marriage was on the rocks and someone asked you to turn to a Colorado Springs-based divorce lawyer for advice? You think them to be out of their mind, right? Well, you might want to take a moment and think about it.

While lawyers aren’t trained marriage counselors, they’re often in the thick of it when it comes to annulling one. As such, they have seen and heard it all when it comes to issues that destroy a marriage. Who better to offer insights into some of the often-understated issues that ruin a relationship?

Lack of commitment

Familiarity breeds contempt goes an adage that holds in all things, including marriage. When your crush enamors you, it’s easy to overlook some of their personality flaws — that works both ways. Once the novelty wears off, both of you must confront these flaws to make your relationship work.

You must reconcile with how that part of your personality makes you feel and most importantly, how it affects your partner. For instance, your partner might have loved your cavalier attitude towards life until they realize that it causes you to shirk responsibilities.

What they once thought to be an attractive quality now becomes a liability. If you don’t make an effort to change your ways, that will become a constant source of strain and friction in your relationship.

As it turns out, your spouse will shoulder most of the responsibilities, and in time they will begin to resent you. Left long enough, the dislike builds up the point where they can’t stand you anymore, and they opt out of the relationship.

Prioritizing your job

Stressed businessmanAlthough this problem cuts across the board, it’s common with men as the role to provide for the family has traditionally fallen on them. A high cost of living coupled a demanding job keeps many people away from their families.

In doing so, they get to sacrifice a crucial part of their relationship in exchange for money. See, if you’re always burning the midnight oil at the office, your spouse and your kids are likely to feel your absence. They will yearn for and miss your company.

If you’re never around to provide it, your spouse starts to feel neglected, unappreciated, and unvalued. Naturally, no one wants to play second fiddles, especially to someone’s job or career.

That is what happens when you’re always away for work. Your driving need to provide for your family becomes then becomes the bane of your marriage.

Prioritizing your friends

When you pledge to spend the rest of your natural life with someone, it follows that they occupy a special place in your life. It’s only natural for them to put you first and for them to expect you to reciprocate. Some marriages fail because some spouses value their friends more.

Spending most of your free time with your friends at the expense of your relationship with your spouse is a recipe for disaster. Your significant other is likely to feel left out and unimportant, which might cause them to evaluate their priorities as well. When that happens, your relationship doesn’t stand a prayer.

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