What You Need to Know Before Filing a Workplace Injury Claim

workplace injury
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Some work environments tend to be more dangerous than others. But accidents can happen even in an office setting. If an incident that happened in your workplace resulted in some injuries, then it’s only right that you see compensation. But there are rules to follow before you can claim for compensation.

Working with an experienced attorney can help you file a claim and increase your chances of winning the right compensation. There are many excellent personal injury lawyers in Townsville who specialize in your case. But before you even head over to the court, there are things that you need to know first:

There is a deadline for filing a workplace accident claim

The statute of limitations indicates the strict time limit when you can file a workplace injury claim. This varies from one case to another. But in most cases, you are to file a workplace injury claim three years from the day you first consulted a health practitioner for the injury.

You should notify your employer of the injury

Of course, before filing a lawsuit, you should notify your employer about the incident the soonest time possible. You can make an entry to your workplace accident book. Just make sure to make a report and include your work capacity certificate. Do this within 30 days of obtaining the injury. Failure to make a written report can lead to your claim being rejected.

A work capacity certificate is a must-have

One thing that you will need is a work capacity certificate. This certificate can tell your employer the earliest time you can go back to work. It is a helpful tool used by employers and insurers to determine the kind of support you will need after the accident. You can use a writeable PDF, a hardcopy via phone or email, or download a work capacity certificate.

You can give up the right to sue your employer

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Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that pays monetary benefits to employees who got injured while working. In Australia, all employers, no matter the state, are obliged to have this insurance policy. This protects you, the worker, and your employer. If you agree to receive workers’ compensation, you will no longer sue your employer for negligence. Your employer will still agree on being liable for the accident. But they can save themselves from getting sued for negligence.

Types of compensatory damages you can get with the claim

Aside from your employer having to pay you the days you had to rest to recover from the incurred injuries, you also get compensation for any impairment and medical expenses. In addition to these, you can also get an amount as compensation for future medical and rehabilitation expenses and future loss of wages. As for the pain and suffering you felt and experienced, your attorney can help you gather enough evidence to prove this.

It can be tough to get back on your feet after incurring injuries while working. But by getting the proper compensation, it will make it easier for you to recover. Make sure to report the incident asap and work with an experienced attorney. This way, you’re increasing your chances of receiving proper compensation for your injuries.

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