What to Do After Getting Bitten by a Dog

a dog bite
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a dog bite

Dogs are not just pets. They are a man’s best friend. They are your companion, and they are always by your side. They are fun to be with and can have a positive impact on your health. However, things do not always go this way. Their nature sometimes overpowers them that they become vicious and unfriendly at times.

This explains why there have been many dog attacks, some of which are actually not caused by any act of provocation. Dog attacks are not just painful; they can be traumatic. If you were a victim, you know this thing too well. But in case you just want to be ready for such attacks, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

A lot of dog attacks are unanticipated, and it pays that you know what to do in case you become a victim. Actions and safety measures should be taken, including consulting with a personal injury attorney in Utah, especially if someone else’s dog causes the attack.

Seek immediate treatment

First, you should make sure that you are fine. You will not be able to take the succeeding steps if you do not feel well. Wash your wounds with running water. After that, assess the wounds and then go to the hospital for medical intervention. It is important to find out if the dog has rabies so that you will be given the right medication and treatment. Talk to the doctors and listen to their advice, particularly when it comes to wound cleaning. Of course, you may need to document your interaction with the doctors.

Talk to the dog owner

When such accidents happen, it is important that you go talk to the dog owner. You need to inform them of what happened, as they will be responsible for it (unless you did something to provoke the dog). If possible, get the name of the dog owner, the dog’s veterinarian, and the address where the incident happened. These details will come in handy eventually.
an aggressive dog

Document the incident

In case the dog owner becomes uncooperative, there will be a need to find a claim. But you need to make your stand and argument strong. And this is something that you can do with enough documents. Document the effects of the dog bite, such as immobility and pain, which both can be covered using photographs and medical records. You will also need to find witnesses who will support your complaint.

Find a lawyer

There might be some need to file a legal complaint if the dog owner is trying to get away with it. If things are getting quite difficult, it is time that you find a reliable lawyer specializing in dog bite injuries. They know how such cases work, thus helping increase your chances of getting just compensation or similar action.
Dog bites can be serious, so you need to protect yourself. The tips above will help you deal with such incidents, especially if the dog owner does not want to cooperate.

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