Top Cases that a Family Lawyer Can Handle

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Family-related matters are among the most common types of legal cases in Australia. It is, thus, no wonder there are a lot of great family lawyers in places like Townsville and other nearby Queensland locations. Now, if you are wondering about the common cases that these lawyers handle, here is a list that explains five of them:

  • Parental responsibility. Under Australian law, both divorced parents share responsibility in raising a child who is under the age of 18. However, there are cases when the court must determine whether to remove parental responsibility from one parent due to certain circumstances. In such a case, a family lawyer could help any of the parents throughout the entire legal proceeding.
  • Child support/spousal maintenance. A family lawyer is a go-to professional for issues of child support and spousal maintenance. In the case of child support, both parents have three options on how they should pay or collect support. Meanwhile, a husband or wife can file for spousal maintenance with the help of a family lawyer provided that the filing party can prove they cannot support themselves financially.
  • Divorce. Under the Family Law Act 1975, divorce is granted to married couples whose marriage has proven to have broken down with no reasonable possibility of getting back together. Both spouses should have lived apart for at least 12 months before the filing of divorce for the court to consider their application. If you are considering to have your marriage dissolved by the court, then you should hire a competent family lawyer to assist you and speed up the process.
  • Adoption. The process of adoption in Australia varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, which is why not anyone eligible to adopt can do so. For example, some states allow for members of the LGBTQI to adopt kids, while others, like Victoria, don’t let single people adopt a child. Also, adoptive parents have to go through a complicated process before being given a chance to adopt a child. An adoptive parent has to apply, undergo interview and training and then be put on a waiting list. With the help of a family lawyer, this process can be faster and more convenient.
  • Protection order. Do you feel like your life is danger due to an abusive partner or a stranger who stalks you? If you do, then you have to contact a family lawyer to help you file for a protection order. Protection orders come in two types: the Personal Protection Order (PPO) and the Domestic Violence Order (DVO). A PPO could last for one year while a DVO could be valid for up to two years.

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There are other cases that family lawyers can handle. If you are not sure whether your specific case requires hiring a family lawyer, then don’t hesitate to contact one near you. A good family lawyer will be more than willing to hear about your case and decide if it’s something they can help you with or even represent in a court of law.

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