Why Are Couples Staying Married After Separation?

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It is not such a far-fetched concept that separated couples can stay friends despite the fallout of their marriage. They were friends before they were boyfriend-girlfriend, and they were friends when they got married. Otherwise, no relationship could have last for a year or two or more.

No matter how stormy they are now, relationships have always started with similar values, convictions, interests, and passions. Dig deep into your heart, and you will still see some semblance of similarities with friends you haven’t seen in decades. This bond, though broken for now, will always be there.

It is the same with marriages. No matter how badly you had treated each other when you were married, there was a time (and there could be in the future) when you think the world of your spouse. Couples who can stay married dig deep into their feelings to find commonalities to survive being friends with their ex-spouses.

While divorce is always a great thing because it allows ex-couples to live separate lives once more, it’s not always the go-to solution for many people. Sometimes, it’s because they want to save money. Sometimes, they have too many assets that a high net worth divorce becomes a no-no for them, especially if they can negotiate the terms of their net worth.

Health and Dental Insurance

Couples decide to stay married because one of them has a better medical and dental insurance plan. If the husband can cover the policies of the wife and the children, then that’s a practical reason for not getting divorced. Getting a separate policy after a divorce can be expensive, especially if you still have minor children. For couples, this reason is good enough to stay married.

Expensive Divorce

Legal separation, such as a divorce, is expensive. Couples have to hire separate lawyers and pay their corresponding fees depending on the number of court hearings they have to attend. When couples get divorced, either one of them has to apply for another mortgage so that they can keep the house where they lived for years. If either one of them cannot qualify for a loan on their own, it becomes impractical to get a divorce and lose the home where their children are living.

Married in Another Country

Destination weddings have always been a dream for many couples. To those who managed to get married in another country, it almost seems impossible to get divorced right away when they separate. They have to travel to the country where they got married, file the necessary paperwork, and pay the corresponding fees. That’s not the only thing they have to do. Depending on where they got married, the couple could also be due for marriage counseling first.

Suddenly, it becomes a hassle to divorce. Couples who find these requirements cumbersome will decide to remain on good terms instead of quarreling over every single thing. Unless they want to travel, fix the documents, and pay the price, they will choose to stay married.

Business Decision

When a couple shares a business, it might be better for them not to get divorced since they can save on taxes and insurance premiums when they stay together. If only of them manages the business, then that spouse can reimburse the other for half of the discounts that the company saves. This is usually a good enough setup because both of the spouses are saving money.

No Remarriage Plans

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Spouses who separate when they are older may have no plans of remarrying. This is why they forgo the plan of a divorce because it has no use for them. It is practical for them to save their money for retirement rather than use it for divorce proceedings. As divorce can also cost thousands of dollars, that money is better saved for future medical needs. That is why many older couples stay married despite being separated for years.

Tax Savings

Married couples have a lower tax rate compared to their single counterparts. This is one of the reasons why some couples decide to remain legally married despite already not staying under one roof. They still want to file their taxes together. However, this only works if they are both comfortable with the thought of their ex-spouse knowing their income.

Divorce isn’t the only way out of a bad marriage. You can decide to amicably settle your differences, separate, and remain married for convenience and practicality. However, if you have the money and you both decide to date other people, it is fairer to all parties that you get the divorce proceedings going as soon as possible.

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