How to Come up with a Unique Brand Name

Hand pressing on brand
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Hand pressing on brand

It is always essential for a startup business to have a catchy name. It gives them a sense of brand connection to customers. While thinking of a good tag, make sure that the name you will choose can be something that potential clients can relate to the products you are offering. Your brand may take you up or down, so start by getting the opinion of your business partners. Do they have any suggestions? If they do, try to collate them and discuss it with everyone. It can be a title that is memorable to the team. It may also be a mix of words together.

Here are some starter tips and ideas while thinking of your unique brand name:

1. Sound and Meaning

Choose a name that has a proper meaning related to the goals of the team. No need to make it long. Just make sure that it conveys what you offer in your business establishment. Avoid being generic. If your products are clothes, do not use “Garments for Girls” as your brand name. It is not catchy and sounds too familiar. When you pick a name, research on possible meaning and other brands of it online. You don’t want to have the same tag as another company. Look at its meaning as well in different languages.

2. Limiting Names

Be reminded that your goal in business is progression. Thus, you do not want to limit your growth with just the brand name’s focus. If your tag is a brand label specifically on men’s shoes and you want to increase your products by adding clothes and bags, it will not grab the attention of customers anymore. They may think that you can only offer those shoes since it is the company name.

person designing a logo for a brand

3. Inspirations

Get inspiration from history, literature, and other languages. If you can think of a famous novel related to your business venture, you may incorporate that. Gather the ideas for a general meeting with your partners. Some businesses used foreign languages to brand their company. It all depends on the meaning it pertains to. Sometimes, lingos are used to portray a business. Before proceeding with this, ask yourself if it is a lingo that can last generations. Will it still be known even after a decade?

4. Trademark

In Utah, business owners have the right to get protection for their trademark, whether it is the name, logo, or sound. Authorize and get certifications for your company brand to avoid other enterprises to copy yours. This can fully secure and defend your business license. As you get your trademark, include possibilities for a captivating slogan or motto. It can increase your influence and impact on the people.

Coming up with a brand name is the most essential and initial step in taking on your business. It is your identifier against other companies. It is what will make you and your products distinctive. Choose a name and logo that does not give other implications. Avoid trying to imitate another company since it will only hinder your growth. Be unique and exclusive.

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