Criminal Defense Lawyers and 5 Qualities They Should Possess

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a criminal defense lawyerThe American legal drama TV series “Suits” focuses on the professional and personal struggles of being a lawyer. Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, and Louis Litt have their respective expertise, but they all share the same characteristics that all good lawyers should have. And that is why they win their cases.

Finding the best criminal defense lawyers like them in Utah County can prove to be challenging. Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, advises that you have to look for the following characteristics to make your search easier:

Communication skills

A good lawyer should be a good listener as much as he is a good talker. Knowing how to talk with the client and effectively communicate with the opposing team, the jury, and the judge is a must.

Negotiating skills

Representing someone is like bargaining for a price at a thrift shop. You would want to bring the settlement as low as possible or get as much as possible from the opposing team. Thus, your lawyer should know the tricks and trades of negotiating in and out of the courtroom.

Research and knowledge

Information that one needs to win a case will not suddenly grow in a tree. Extensive research is needed. Not only that, knowledge about the law, as well as its twists and turns, and knowing how to use these to your advantage, is also a must.


The things discussed between the lawyer and the client should remain between them, as this can compromise not just the outcome of the case, but also the privacy of the people involved.


Aggressiveness at the right time, the right degree, and the right place is a big advantage. A good lawyer should know what he wants and be able to show it with conviction. This is one way to make an impression and eventually win the case.

Do not settle. Look for these qualities in a lawyer and be confidently represented in court.

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