Choosing a Commercial Lawyer: Questions to Ask

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Owning a business, whether it is big or small, requires the help of certain professionals to adhere to certain demands and policies. More often than not, businesses need the professional services of a lawyer who can help them not just in resolving conflicts but also in other legal aspects.

There are a lot of commercial lawyers in Townsville who can represent you. But it is important to find qualified ones whom you can rely on any time. Below are some questions worth asking to better evaluate whether or not your chosen lawyer will be able to deliver your needs.

What is your area of expertise?

The answer should be on commercial law. Working with a lawyer who does not specialize in your field of need makes you more vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. Like in other services, it will make you feel more at ease to be working with a professional.

Also, ask your potential lawyer if he or she is knowledgeable in various aspects that you might need, such as intellectual property, franchise agreements and service contracts.

Is there any conflict of interest?

Ask this early on, as it is possible to work with the lawyer of your competitor, former business partner or former employees. This will put you at a disadvantage when that happens, so better be as clear as day from the very beginning.

What is your approach to conflict resolution?

There are lawyers who specialise in bringing and solving cases in court, while there are ones who can settle things behind closed doors. There is no good or bad approach, as it all depends on your preference as a client.

Do note, however, that it might be difficult for you to convince a lawyer who prefers litigating issues to go for mediation when you want to take this route. Lawyers who prefer to settle issues, on the other hand, might not be taken too seriously by other parties in court.

How can we reach you?


Lawyers are extremely busy people, but they should make it an effort to be reachable when there is a need to. Having a secretary whom you can easily talk to or associates who can help you with your needs is definitely a good sign. Some lawyers also prefer corresponding via email or phone while others want office meetings. Determine if the communication style of the lawyer fits your own.

How do you charge?

Lawyers charge differently. To avoid being stunned when your bills come, it is important to discuss money matters as early as possible and be clear with the deal that you are getting.

Some lawyers, for example, charge flat rates for their services while others charge by the hour. Some also charge for an initial consultation while others do not. Ask about other possible expenses too, such as research and paralegal fees.

Invest your time and effort in finding the right lawyer to work with. It will definitely help you and your company a whole lot if you have the right person.

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