4 Important Reminders when Driving for the First Time

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a foot pressing the brake pedal of a carCongratulations for acquiring your driver’s license! Now, you must be excited to stroll around with your family and friends—or perhaps, go for a solo drive. Keep in mind, though, that even if you have mastered the basic driving skills or you’re aware of traffic rules, you still need to take all the necessary precautions.

Here are some important reminders before you take your keys and hit the road:

Be aware of the vehicle’s blind spots

Depending on the type or size, each car has its own blind spots. For sedans or hatchbacks, the blind spots are usually on both rear sides of the car. Be sure to check these areas before driving.

Adjust the rear-view mirror, so you can easily see these spots. The same goes for your side mirrors. Keep in mind that mirror alignment depends on how you handle the steering wheel. Find your comfort zone. Identifying the blind spots will help you a lot when changing lanes and doing parallel parking. In case you get involved in any road accident, Feldman & Lee PS suggests that you stay calm and get in touch with an auto accident attorney in Lynwood.

Do not overthink

Apply what you’ve learned from the driving school or from experts who taught you how to drive. While driving requires a few multitasking skills, the most important thing is to keep your composure at all times. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of speeding cars on a highway or the rules you need to follow. Remember that experience is still the best teacher. Just have fun and keep your eyes on the road.

Take an experienced driver with you

As much as possible, ask an experienced driver to go with you, especially if you’re thinking about long drives. The purpose of this is not to have a refresher driving course, but to get some guidance and feedback. Having someone in the passenger seat may also give you more confidence when driving.

Be familiar with the roads and landmarks

Attention to detail is also important when driving. Pay attention to every street or landmark you pass by. This will also improve your sense of direction.

These are just some of the few reminders when driving for the first time. Remember that your safety is always a priority and you should also care about the other people you share the road with.

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