3 Must-Ask Questions Before Filing for a Divorce

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a divorce trialDivorce can be a messy thing, especially if you jump into rushed decisions. Emotions will run high and there will be hard feelings and conflict of interest. You will think of assets that you have acquired while living together. The process becomes even harder when you have children.

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne outlines some of the questions that can help you navigate through your divorce case smoothly.

1. Do you know where you stand financially?

Before you even contact a divorce attorney, it’s crucial to know not just your spouse’s financial status but also yours. This element can frustrate you if you aren’t careful. Understanding your finances helps you estimate the ratio in which assets and debts will be shared between the two of you.

In addition, the value of some assets such as pensions and inheritance can be difficult to determine. If you are not sure, your spouse might take advantage and get you ripped off in the process.

2. How much is your post-divorce budget?

Of course, your lifestyle is likely to change after divorce. It could be that the funds you used to enjoy in your old life are no more. It’s at this point that having an estimate of your new life budget in place comes in handy. Here, you need to be careful; as this doesn’t just give you a clue of how much you will need in your new life, but also dictates the figures that you negotiate in paying your divorce lawyer fees.

3. Do you need to buy or sell anything?

If you have plans to sell or buy something, it’s important to do it before you file your case. This is because after submitting your claim, the jury might give orders restricting both of you from selling any marital assets. They do this to ensure each of the parties in question gets a fair share of the marital property and debts.

Divorce cases can be stressful sometimes. The events that happen here can affect one’s rationality. It is, therefore, wise to take ample time, and if possible, seek professional advice before you take your case to court.

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