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The Risks of Professional Truck Driving: Knowing Your Rights as Truck Drivers

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Truck driving is one of the most challenging jobs today. Just imagine the time drivers spend on the road operating heavy loaded trucks every day. Most of them even need to work extra hours on short notice. This makes them more prone to accidents and other health hazards.

The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska discusses what these drivers need to go through every day and the things they can do to protect their rights.

News Breakthroughs

On average, truck drivers in the United States spend about 15 hours of work daily. This is one of the reasons driver fatigue has become a common issue in Colorado and across the country. Authorities have demanded trucking companies to exert more efforts to make the industry safer for their employees. However, some employers still require their truck drivers to work extra-long hours.

According to statistics, more than 500,000 collisions involving commercial trucks and ordinary vehicles have been reported recently. There were also about 2,000 non-fatal crashes reported between these types of vehicles; while 600 large trucks got involved in collisions with other vehicles. The authorities also received about 1000 reports of injuries from a collision involving heavy trucks.

Knowing the Rights of Truck Drivers

The problem with most truck drivers is they are not aware of their rights as an employee and as a citizen. They usually get confused or anxious whenever they get involved in an accident. Keep in mind that you have the rights to defend yourself from different allegations and maltreatment. The best thing to do is consult an experienced truck injury attorney who can explain your rights and help you take the right course of action.

Typically, responding officers may ask you some questions for their police report. If you’re not certain with your statements due to fatigue or shock, tell them you need to speak with your lawyer first. Take note that your statements can be used against you. So, be cautious with your explanations.

The nature of professional truck driving imposes a lot of risks. Practice safe and defensive driving at all times. Have presence of mind and get legal help in case you get involved in an accident.

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