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How to Select the Right Immigration Attorney

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An excellent and reputable immigration lawyer could make a world of difference to your immigration case. Most, if not all, are honest, hard-working professionals that love to help people.

A bad one, on the other hand, would charge you a hefty fee, promise everything and give you nothing, and possibly wreak havoc on your case that would make your case more complicated, or worse, not fixable.

To ensure that you get the best immigration lawyer for your case, consider these top tips.

Avoid Lawyers Who Offer Illegal Solutions and Unethical Recommendations

Be very wary of lawyers that recommend that you do illegal tactics such as bribing immigration officials, lying to an immigration official or on your application, or purchasing a counterfeit green card, warns a top immigration lawyer in Utah. Sadly many green card hopefuls have learned this the hard way. It’s also critical to note that engaging in illegal activity would place a permanent mark on your record, which in turn would make you ineligible for a green card or any kind of visa in the future.

Do Your Due Diligence

You could easily find anything online these days, including pertinent information about your immigration lawyer. Check if your lawyer is a member of the bar association in his or her state. Is he or she a member of top legal organizations? What about past clients? Maybe he or she has published professional articles for top law magazines or online. Don’t forget to check your lawyer’s reviews and rating on Martindale-Hubbell or similar review websites.

Be Cautious of Impractical Promises

Even the most seasoned and reputable immigration lawyer won’t guarantee that your case would succeed 100%, simply because your case’s outcome would ultimately be decided upon by the immigration judge, USCIS, and/or the Homeland. If a lawyer is promising that he’s 100% certain that the judge’s decision would be in your favor, be wary, be very wary.

Having Options is a Good Thing

Speaking with multiple attorneys would provide an excellent base for comparison before selecting the one that would represent you. This would likewise give you the opportunity to get a feel for their work philosophy, personality, and more importantly, how they treat clients.

Whether you’re looking to avoid deportation, file a green card or visa petition, obtain a particular immigration benefit, there’s a right immigration lawyer for you. You need to learn how to separate the good ones from the bad ones, do your homework, and choose the right one for your specific case.

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