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How Much Does an Accident Cost Car Owners on Average?

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It costs each American an average of $820 whenever they get involved in a car accident every year, excluding the costs of skipping work and losing regular income.

The financial impact becomes higher if you suffer from disabilities and sustain injuries from the accident. The Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates that road accidents in the US cause around 2.35 million injury or disability cases per year.

Cost-Saving Options

If you live in Georgia, finding an auto accident attorney in Columbus, GA, should be among your priorities when dealing with vehicular incidents. Those who specialize in personal injury will help you in determining your chances for filing a claim.

You should also review the terms of your car insurance periodically, even if it’s something you’d rather not use in the future. Knowing your coverage allows you to be prepared with the required out-of-pocket costs arising from an accident.

Parents should also monitor their teenage children’s use of cars, especially in states that are tagged as the worst places for young drivers.

The Best and the Worst States

New York ranked as the best place for teenage drivers in the country, while Wyoming ranked at the bottom of the list. In terms of expenses, the highest average cost of repairs is in Connecticut, Georgia, and Rhode Island.

An accident in these states means that parents would have to spend more when addressing the incident.

When it comes to insurance, Hawaii and North Carolina have the lowest premium increases after including a teenage driver to a policy. However, parents and guardians should still encourage young people to observe safety habits while on the road.

Forewarned is forearmed, so preparing for a car accident would likely reduce the overall amount that you need to spend on each road mishap. How do you stay safe when driving your car?

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