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Going on a Road Trip? Here’s How You Can Plan for It

suv on a road trip
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To get the most out of your trip, you need to ensure that you are fully prepared. Road trips are the one vacation where you cannot entirely rely on everything going perfectly. It is best to imagine the worst-case scenarios and then plan for them. It is very much a case of having a plan just if you need it because not knowing what to do would be worse.

If you are road tripping for the first time, you may even want to consider calling an attorney specializing in car-related cases. They can advise you about licenses or special passes and when getting into incidents like car accidents. It is best not to assume that the bylaws everywhere are the same as what you are used to at home.

If you plan to do some hiking, you should also buy reflective vests and invest in a satellite phone. This is to ensure that you are found if you get lost in an unfamiliar area. You can go without these things. But keep in mind that because your family thinks you’re on a road trip, you may get lost, and help will not know to come till it is too late.

These are scary thoughts, and no one wants to catastrophize about their exciting vacation. But it is the security of knowing you are ready for the most common dangerous situations that will allow you to freely enjoy the sights and activities you come across during your road trip. Give yourself peace of mind.

Get on the Same Page

An in-depth discussion with your intended road trip partners is a necessity before the proper planning begins. Everyone must know exactly what will be expected of themselves and the trip.

Do you all want to stop regularly, or is your intention to get to the destination as fast as possible? How many of you can take turns driving, and who wants which shift? Who is in charge of navigation and hydration and finding rest stops?

These are essential to the enjoyment of the road trip and keeping it as stress-free as possible.

Meal Planning

Being on a road trip means that you do not always have the luxury of choice. Sometimes you cannot wander off to seek a meal while the others eat something else. Other times, there may not be a choice of places to eat at, such as gas stations.

Everyone must discuss how they want meals to happen and agrees on a plan that works for everyone. If there is cooking to be done, there should be a schedule of who cooks which night and what meal. If you are eating out, but the diners along the way do not have the meal choices some of your friends can eat, then you must all agree on creating storage space for them to bring along frozen meals they can handle.

Sometimes this will be for health reasons; other times, it’s due to dietary choice. Discussing ahead of time and agreeing on handling meals will go a long way towards keeping everyone respectful and helpful. This way, no one is made to feel ostracized simply for not eating a specific food.

Agree on Music

Road trips put you in proximity with the people you know best. Tempers are bound to flare, and hurtful things will be said if any dispute occurs. Surprisingly enough, one of the biggest causes of conflict is the choice of music.

You can put together a playlist that mixes five to ten songs from each member in the car. The person driving can be in charge of the music during the duration of their drive. This can often be a safety issue, especially when driving at night, so everyone must get on board.

It can also be better for everyone to suggest songs and one playlist be curated to be played out loud, and everyone else who wants to listen to something else can use earphones. A car battery that can charge multiple phones is a necessity for this to work out successfully.

An alternative to music is to choose a podcast on a topic everyone likes. Don’t choose a live podcast as someone will inevitably ask a question, and it will need to be paused as everyone argues and explains the plot point. A story podcast in the horror or mystery genre can be an enjoyable way to pass the time and keep everyone alert and engaged during the trip.

Fun and lasting memories do not come more exalted than the ones you make on a road trip. There is just something about driving down the wide-open roads with your loved ones and spending the nights under the open sky that thrills the human soul. It bonds people and gives you a sense of connection that you cannot get in a busy city.

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