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Dealing with noise in the neighbourhood

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Issues with noise can have a big impact on people’s lives. Whether it’s coming from local works, a neighbour or a business, it can be hard to take the necessary steps to sort things out. We all try and be tolerant of each other to a point but when a noise is consistent, unreasonable and stressful, it’s time to take action.

There are a number of steps that people can take to free themselves from noise pollution. At some point, it may be necessary to involve solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew.


Before contacting the local authorities, or solicitors in Portsmouth, it is important to explore all options for communication with the instigator of the noise. This should only be done if someone feels it is safe to do so. Many issues can be resolved with a reasonable approach. It may be that someone does not realise that their noise is disturbing others or that there is a definite end date for the noise that all parties can look forward to. Where possible, records should be kept detailing any communication.

Keep records

Any records that someone can keep during a noise complaint may be useful if they do need to engage solicitors in Portsmouth. This might include all instances of the noise in question – when it started, when it stopped and so on. If the victim can record the noise then this is really helpful. They can also ask for a copy of all records relating to the incident if authorities are involved.

Call the council or police

It may eventually get to the point where someone does need to contact the police or a local authority. The police have certain powers to enter premises to deal with noise-related issues and, for ongoing complaints, the council might be able to send an Environmental Health Officer to the scene to investigate.

Even if the noise eventually stops or the issue is resolved, a solicitor might still get involved to help someone make a claim for compensation for distress, or perhaps loss of business due to noise. It may be possible to have a free consultation with a solicitor to discuss this.

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