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A Guide to Cohabiting with Your Former Spouse

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Divorce can be a challenging time for you, but it can be even more difficult for your children. You and your spouse understand that the love is gone in the marriage, and you both want to go your separate ways. For children who look up to their parents, this concept can be hard to grasp. This is why some divorcing couples choose to co-parent and stay in the same house despite the separation.

If this is the arrangement that you think will work best for your children, you have to do your best to make it as natural as possible for the kids. These are some reminders when cohabiting with your former spouse:

Respect Each Other

In the eyes of your children, especially if they are very young, you are still a couple. There’s no need to upset them with constant fights between you two. Any divorce attorney in Suffolk County will tell you that for co-parenting to work, you should learn to respect your former partner. Respect comes in the form of not bringing up your marital issues in front of the child, following the rules you both agreed on and doing your part in keeping order in the household.

Define Clear Boundaries

There are things you can expect your spouse to do for you. When you’re divorcing but staying in the same house for the sake of your child, you get used to your former spouse being your roommate. However, that does not mean that you can expect them to cook for you, wash your clothes, or clean up after your mess. Sit down and talk about how you two will share household expenses so that there will be no reason to fight.

Discuss Meetings with New Relationships

You’re cohabiting so as not to uproot your children. Remember that when you get into a new relationship and want to bring them home to the family. You might not be together anymore, but your former spouse still lives at home, and the introduction of a new relationship might upset the balance that you’ve been working hard to preserve.

The rules are different when cohabiting with your former spouse. Do your best to keep the household a healthy and fun environment for everyone.

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